Dolce Canapa Farms is a Mendocino County and state licensed greenhouse and outdoor cannabis farm. We utilize a balance of cutting edge and traditional cultivation methods to provide only the best of craft cannabis flowers. The professionalism and love that we put into each part of the cultivation process is fully expressed in the delicious flavors and high quality product for our customers to enjoy.


Located on a perfectly situated mountain in Hopland, California, the farm is a place of cannabis paradise. Breathtaking views with an abundance of wildlife add to the positive experience of Dolce Canapa Farm’s cultivation process. Environmentally conscientious, being off-grid and running on solar power adds just another benefit to Dolce Canapa Farm. Check out some more photos of the farm in our gallery.


What is craft cannabis? Cannabis produced by craftsman who strive to produce only the highest of quality product rather than mass produced products. As in craft beers or vintage wines, the flavor profiles and quality of craft cannabis far exceeds that of mass production facilities. In fact, Dolce Canapa often times sacrifices yields by not producing overgrown plants with lesser quality buds, but rather maintaining smaller more manageable plants that put more energy in to bud production to produce only the best of cannabis flowers. From the handling of seeds and clones to precision drying and curing control, Craft Cannabis is more of an art than just a production product.


We put careful selection to each and every strain we cultivate. Dolce Canapa translates to "Sweet Cannabis" from Italian, and we live up to the name by growing sweet flavored strains and using a cultivation method to exhibit the maximum flavor profile possible. There are many great strains and growers out there, but if you love sweet tasting cannabis you have a huge smile after just one toke of a Dolce Canapa flower. Enjoy, and always toke responsibly!!!


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